Sunday, September 13, 2009

NFL TIME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Want my NFL predictions for the year? Here they are.

Division winners:
Chicago Bears
New York Giants
New Orleans Saints
Arizona Cardinals
Wild Card - Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings

Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers
San Diego Chargers
new england patriots
Wild Card - Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans

Super Bowl will be:
Chicago Bears beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 24 - 17

Get more detailed info on the season this week after we get the first week under out belts...

Really? I mean really?

So I go to the Tennessee Vs.Ucla football game and yes I am excited about the game and I am ready to see our D, our running game, and YES even our QB. After last week against Western Kentucky there was a good feeling in the air. I know that Western Kentucky was an FCS team last year but we still beat them like a drum. So here it is Saturday afternoon and I am thinking the final score is going to be 27 - 13 or something like that. I feel confident about or D and I like the way our O looks. Then here it comes... Crompton throws a bad looking pass and it is intercepted. OK well last week against Western Kentucky he also had a few bad looking passes and a couple of INT's so maybe it is all good. I am sure he will pick it up and play better. I was WRONG. I was DEAD WRONG. Crompton played as badly as he did last year. He was just plain AWFUL!!!! 13/26 for 93 yards, 3 INT's, a lost fumble, and NO TD's. He was back to his old ways. The running game was decent but after UCLA saw that Crompton was so bad they focused on stopping the run and they we able to hold us to 115 yards on the ground. Once again our D was outstanding. The D held UCLA to 4 field goals and 1 TD even though it seemed like they started with the ball on our end of the field all day because of the 4 turnovers that Crompton had. The D held them to 186 total yards of offense, only 12 first downs all day, and got a safety when it mattered. The D getting that safety gave us a chance to win with 1:41 to go in the game. All we had to do was drive 65 yards and score a td.... Too bad Crompton sucks sooooooooo bad that we could not even gain a yard and we turned the ball over on downs and the game was over.

Overall the game was terrible from the offensive side of the ball. It really sucks to see such a great defensive effort go to waste with the pathetic showing from the offensive side of the ball.
I give the defense an A.
Running game gets a C+.
Crompton gets a Z. I know the grading scale only goes to F but in this case Crompton was SO bad he deserves a whole new level of badness.

Next week florida. I think you all know how I feel about florida. Stay tuned for a blog this week about the UT/florida rivalry...

Oh and for the record... Eric Berry is my hero. I love that kid!!!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009


63- 7..... Go Vols!

What a great way to start off the Lane Kiffin Era. Now I know what you are thinking..... Hell it doesn't count.... You played Western Kentucky? Well that may be true BUT the last time the Vols scored 63 points was the year 2000. Last year we should have had this same score against Wyoming but instead lost 13 - 7. How does this make me feel. EXCELLENT!!! A few things to point out.
1.) Freshman are playing and playing well. Bryce Brown runs for over 100 yards and scores, David Oku scores 2 TD's, and Marsalis Teague led the team in receiving and also scored a TD. Freshman play for Kiffin and I am excited to see what he can get out of them next week.
2.) Montario Hardesty runs for 160 yards... Well done. he did have 1 fumble and that was early. I tihnk he will fix this issue and continue to have a good year.
3.) The team only had 6 penalties in the entire game. Discipline makes this happen. I love the fact that wea re not shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties.
4.) The offensive line was outstanding. The Vols ran for 380 yards and gave up NO sacks. This is a huge win for us.
5.) The D is stout. We gave up 83 total yards of offense. Are you kidding me. Only 83 yards? At one point in the 3rd quarter we had given up -17 total yards of offense. -17.... HOLY COW. Our D was on fire. The only reason they even scored is because we were playing our 3rd string in all of the 4th quarter and even part of the 3rd quarter, NOT 2nd string but 3rd string.
6.) Crompton played well. This is a huge change from last year. Last year Crompton threw for 4 TD's for the entire year..... Today he had 5 TD's. A HUGE change for what we have seen from him since he got to UT. I hope he continues to improve. He did throw 2 INT's and both were tipped passes with one of them actually being a terrible pass and the other being a pretty good defensive play. We need him to step up and just control the ball and not turn it over for us to continue to win.
7.) The offense had 657 yards.... Are you kidding me. The last time we looked like that had to be when Peyton was here.
8.) I will say that since most of you know I am a huge Eric Berry fan. Although he did not get an INT today I will say that he did not even play the 4th quarter and to be honest he did not play much of the 3rd quarter either. The thing that made me very happy was that even though he did not get the 2nd half playing time, EVERY time I saw him on the sidelines he was smiling and cheering for his teammates. At NO point was he being a team cancer and frowning because he was not able to play the whole game. He was quite happy that the team was winning and not worried about his stats. He is the epitome of a true Vol, and TRUE team player, and a true badass on the defensive side of the ball.

Overall I will give the team a grade of an A-. They only get the - because they had 3 turnovers. D gets an A+.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


As I sit here and watch Wimbledon I remember from my childhood when I used to love to watch tennis. It brings back interesting feelings from childhood in which I watched tennis sitting on the floor legs crossed and cheering for my favorite stars. I know that some people don't find tennis interesting and to be honest I respect that but keep in mind this is my sports blog NOT yours.
So this has been a very good Wimbledon final so far and currently Andy Roddick is tied in the 5th set with Roger Federer. Now as far as tennis goes I think the reason I have not been following it as much these days is because there are no huge American stars like there were 10-20 years ago. We have no Pete Sampras, Andre Aggasi, or hell even no John McEnroe or Jimmy Connors. The lack of big American stars has hurt the sport to the normal American fan like myself. Now that may sound strange or stereotypical but to me since this is an individual sport and not a team sport I need someone to cheer for. Instead of the hometown hero I find myself cheering for the underdog. And cheering for the underdog is fun but at the same time can get old really quickly. When you are never cheering for the same person twice it feels bad as a sports fan. I like to stick with my team. I really enjoy supporting my team in sports. It gives you a gratifying feeling when you win and that hurt when you lose makes you want to come back for another shot to win. Well these days I don't watch as much tennis because there seems to be no one to cheer for like the old days. It seems like Roger Federer is the only one out there that gets any publicity and is the only one you ever hear about winning (because he is the media darling) so I find myself not liking Roger Federer and hoping that Rafal Nadal wins instead. I get sick of hearing how everyone thinks that Roger Federer is the best of all time. I want him to lose. I find that the only real American heros (G.I. Joe reference there) in tennis these days are the female stars of Venus and Serena Williams. Now don't get me wrong, they OWN female tennis these days. I just want more from our hometown heros. In a strange way this is exactly what has happened to Boxing. There are no huge superstars in the heavyweight world and in turn that sport has fallen from grace in my opinion. I can remember watching Mike Tyson on pay-per-view and seeing him dominate someone in 3 rounds or less. Now the other thing that has really hurt boxing as a sport is the fact that MMA has taken over. But we will keep that for another blog. Meanwhile back to tennis. They keep showing Pete Sampras who is one of my favorite athletes of all time not just my favorite tennis player. I found his calm demeanor and amazing professionalism off and on the court to be what I admired in all athletes and on top of that he was a champion. He won 14 Grand Slams (which is the most of ever). Individual sports like tennis and golf are very entertaining as long as you have someone to follow. Sadly these days I just don't have anyone to follow. As far as Andy Roddick goes... I like the kid. But he has been a disappointment as far as wins when it comes to the world of tennis. He has only won 1 Grand Slam title and that was back in 2003. This is his first appearance in a Grand Slam title match since 2006.

This has gone to epic proportions now... it is 11-11 in the 5th set.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching todays Wimbledon. I wanted to wait until it ended to actually publish this blog so I coudl post the winner....

And once again Federer wins... Damn.
Epic match though, went to the 5th set and Federer wins 16-14 in the final set.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'll Be Back!!!!

I will get this rolling again soon. I have been a bit busy with the kiddo and such..... More to come soon.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


So I am going to save my overall State Of Tennessee Address for after this game. I want to give the coaching staff, players, and fans the benefit of the doubt for one more day. Until then I am going to stay optimistic and just give you my hopeful prediction for how this game should or could go.

First of all just as last week we need to be very very very careful with turnovers. Last week not only did we lose the turnover battle against florida but we lost the turnover battle at crucial times. We turned the ball over inside our own 5 yard line two times. That can NEVER happen if any team wants to win. Well today we play one of the best defenses in the country. Auburn has dominated people defensively this year and if we turn the ball over again we will be beaten badly.

If we have ANY chance in this game it is because we theoretically have a better offense than Auburn. Our D has played well including last week against florida giving up only 96 yards passing and 26 yards rushing to tim tebow, That is a strong statement however we have struggled on offense and on special teams. This week we need our defense to step up again.

I am going to predict that Auburn is reeling after a heartbreaking loss to LSU last week in the last 2 minutes of that game, Because of this if UT can strike early and then stay with the running game consistently the Vols can win.

Final score Vols 21 - Tigers 17

Friday, September 19, 2008

A BIG day.....

So I am not sure if you know this but there is a pretty big game this weekend....

UT VS. florida

There are not many rivalries in college football which have as much hatred embedded into them as the UT/florida game. I know that Auburn/Alabama and OSU/Michigan get a lot of discussion but to be honest I am just not sure there is as much deep down hatred as in the UT/fla game. There is more foul language and more fights at a UT/fla game than anything else I can eve think of. Hell I am pretty sure there are more F-Bombs dropped at the UT/Fla game than in a Quentin Tarantino movie and more fights than in Braveheart. I am not taking anything away from these other rivalries I am just pointing out that the level and hatred is higher in this game.

Now that all of that build up is done lets talk about the game. This could be an interesting game for sure. NO one is giving UT a chance in hell for this game but I am calling it now. UT WILL WIN. It will be a game that is dominated by running of the ball.

This game comes down to 2 things EVERY YEAR.
1.) Turnovers.... If UT can win the Turnover battle they can win. Eric Berry is a machine at the safety position and if he can force a turnover that will be a BIG win for UT. Crompton NEEDS to take care of the ball as well. Tennessee CAN'T afford to give the ball to florida. If we can win the turnover battle we CAN WIN.
2.) Running the ball. If UT can stick with running the ball they can control the clock and they can win. This series has shown that the team that runs the ball better wins this game. Foster, Hardesty, and Creer can run the ball VERY well and if the coaching staff will stick with it they can control the clock and get in the endzone.

The Vols can and WILL win IF and only IF they control the ball with the running game AND they win the turnover battle.

Vols 31 - florida 27

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Does anyone know what time it is?

Just in case you don't know what time it is let me inform you. This is the time of year that we all look forward to. I know I know some of you like Spring showers and some of you like that time of year when there are no real sports going on AKA Summer (of course I think you are all dumb but who am I to say that I am just not a Baseball fan). I guess bottom line is the real time of the year that matters is FOOTBALL season!!!! I am just giddy with excitement and now I have Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and sometimes Thursdays to look forward to.....

Lets get down to it.

Division winners....
New Orleans

new england
San Diego

Your SuperBowl will be Dallas VS Indy....

I know I just ruined the season for you if you are not a Dallas or Indy fan but you will live with it and you will watch every game because you are a fan. Also you will watch to see how incredible my picks are!

My Picks for the day...
Dallas beats Cleveland 34-28
NY Jets beat Miami 27 - 17
New Orleans Beats Tampa 38 - 14
CHICAGO beats INDY 27-21